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BMFC TECH SEEEDDREAM Co.,Ltd 1000063929 consider entrepreneurs a powerful force capable of driving the business community toward responsible conduct with people’s real needs in mind.

We drive agricultural transactions through our digital platform in combination with our service partnership network. FarmCity Marketplace accommodates online payments between buyer and seller, product quality check options, and end-to-end consultation services.

It’s about community

We guide you on your way to global markets, sharing expertise and helping develop new skills. We also provide you with a supporting community to build long-lasting international connections.

Together, we apply our knowledge to create a business environment that helps eliminate social injustice and discrimination for the benefit of sustainable economic growth.

  • FarmCity Marketplace does not buy or sell crops and is not a broker. Instead, we offer you the ability to effortlessly market your crop via our platform.
  • A user-friendly platform that generates market opportunity for farmers and industry buyers.
  • Unlimited access to a global market from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Transparent and reliable market information, deal creation and negotiation.
  • Integrated and secure platform payment processes.
  • Tailored product quality verification and logistic services.
  • market with only verified buyers and sellers.
  • Customer support & insight.

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FarmCity Marketplace accommodates direct transactions between buyers and sellers. All intermediate supply chain stages are covered by FarmCity Marketplace and our partnership network. See our premium partners for more information.

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Why FarmCity?

FarmCity is a digital marketplace specialized in the promotion and marketing of agricultural products, connecting farms to markets and promoting local products internationally. Web, mobile and SMS platform connecting local farmers and producers to potential buyers and end consumers on a digital market and allowing crowdfunding of projects in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

We imagine the future world as an open economic space where competition is based on technological innovation


FarmCity Marketplace’s vision is to become the largest agricultural fair-trade platform, connecting farmers to industrial all around the world.


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Meet Our Team

We consider entrepreneurs a powerful force capable of driving the business community toward responsible conduct with people’s real needs in mind.

Mr. Irsyad Zainal Abidin

Chairman & International Economics Development Director

Mr. Seu Halim

Chief Executive Director

Mr. Ya Khateat

Finance Director

Mr. Seam Hong Huot

Business Development Director

Mr. Steve Wan

IT Director

Mr. Mike Lee

System Development Lead

Mr. Kent Yong

Creative Director

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