Member Benefits

When Farmers Succeed, Everyone Wins.

Why we're different?

FarmCity Marketplace is a group of experts who leverage their knowledge & experience in Farming, Industry Procurement, Digital Business, and Disruptive Innovation at all times. We aim at redistributing value through the agriculture supply chain, to do so requires us to be agile, reliable and transparent. We promote these values throughout all of our actions, operations and services.

Easy & Quick Setup

Easily customize your Company page, add comprehensive descriptions, upload vivid images and videos, and carefully choose product categories. This increases the chances of appearing on our main page and helps buyers find your products.

Online Education

You will receive our business advisors materials and scheduled online classes conduct by our community experts.

Grow Your Business

Increase the loyalty of your customers, partners and members by providing access to the international B2B2C marketplace by FarmCity.

Expand your customers' opportunities and always be there for your clients — even on the go!


  1. Sign-up to the platform
  2. Create your services or products offer
  3. Set a quantity & price
  4. Provide us with crop characteristics & details
  5. Decide upon your preferred incoterm
  6. Decide upon logistic and/or crop quality check services
  7. Post your seller offer or buyer bid
  8. Stay updated by email or notification center

Millions of shoppers are waiting to visit your own store.

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